Terms of service
By using MailAcces.io mail access service, users agree to these terms. Violation may result in account termination.
For inquiries, contact us via telegram channel or discord server.
1. Accounts Warranty:
- We are giving 1H warranty for our products unless we stated something else specifically.
- Trying to change the password of the emails or reselling or sharing automatically avoid the warrany.
- We only give replacements incase on invalid email or the email didn't contain the certain product.
- In some cases you might need to use an OTP bot or some data which you can find in the email itself to help you to access those accounts.
2. Usage Restrictions:
- Users are expected to abide by applicable laws and regulations. - The service is for personal use only; commercial use is prohibited.
3. Content Responsibility:
- Users are solely responsible for the content of their emails. - Prohibited content includes but is not limited to illegal, abusive, or offensive material.
4. Privacy and Security:
- User data is kept private and secure to the best of our abilities. - Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account credentials.
5. Service Availability:
- We strive to maintain continuous service, but interruptions may occur for maintenance or unforeseen circumstances.
6. Termination of Service:
- We reserve the right to terminate or suspend accounts violating these terms.
7. Data Backup:
- Users are responsible for backing up their important emails and data.
8. Feedback and Support:
- Users are encouraged to provide feedback for service improvement. - Support is provided within reasonable limits.
9. Modification of Terms:
- Terms of use may be updated; users will be notified of significant changes.
10. Disclaimer:
- We are not liable for any damages arising from the use or inability to use the service.